The Wargamer's Challenge series

Some 'tough-as' scenarios to challenge your 'gaming skills.

My reading on the First World War has given me many ideas for 'tough-as' scenario possibilities in this period. Some readers would probably argue (in the finest 'Lions lead by donkeys' tradition) that the period is filled with such possibilities; I'd like to think that I'm a little more enlightened than that. This doesn't alter the fact that too many brave men from all nations lost their lives in situations that hindsight would label as hopeless.

However as games these are very challenging. With rules sets from the distant past they would most likely have been unplayable. Playing with Great War Spearhead these scenarios becomes possibilities: possibilities for some very hard 'gaming.

As I planned the page and its content, I spent a lot of time pondering its title. I had considered a very colloquial title like "Hard-assed scenarios', but this might have left the page open to some misinterpretation, even though it adequately describes in soldiers' language the magnitude of the task that you face as a player. I hope you will keep returning to the page to check as my offering of 'tough-as' scenarios grows.

It is always worth taking a few moments to remember that behind these scenarios are many human stories, stories of tragedy, of despair, but also stories of the triumph of the human spirit.

I hope readers might also feel motivated to write up their own 'tough as" scenarios and submit them for publication here as well.