Special Features

The Battle of Longlier: a case study in infantry tactics

This is a translation of a German regimental history that illustrates the tactical concepts employed by the continental armies in the Battles of the Frontiers in 1914,

infantry fire fight 1914.html

The Russian Civil War and Polish Soviet War:

Two twentieth century wars that mixed the past and the present, as divisions of cavalry charged across vast tracts of central Europe in ways that Napoleon might have recognised, while facing weapons drawn directly from the western front of 1915-1918. These contradictions are laced together in two wars that, driven by the bitterest of ideological conflict, saw excesses of human behaviour that were to be repeated within another two decades as the nazi war machine rampaged across Europe and Russia.

The Age of Artillery:

Some insights into the most influential arm of the first world war.

The Guns of August

Six Great War Spearhead gamers (including rules author Shawn Taylor) came together in Christchurch, New Zealand, over Easter 2008 (at the New Zealand national wargames convention, Natcon) to refight the first battle of the Marne, September 1914.

War memorials: remembering the fallen

New Zealanders, like every other nation in the world, remembered their lost in memorials of stone. This started as a selection of memorials that I thought were interesting. It is growing as others contribute their own.

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