Great War Spearhead scenarios

From this page you will find a range of scenarios that support the main Great War Spearhead website, and the Yahoo Groups site. As I often don't have enough figures to re-fight complete historical battles, I tend to look for specific events that might have characterized specific battles, and then forge them into a playable scenario. Consequently some of the fictional scenarios may seem a little idiosyncratic, but I'm sure that you will enjoy them. I have also published scenarios written by other gamers, and welcome further contributions (or in fact any comments and feedback from players).

The scenarios on this site have been laid out so that players may simply download and print off the Orders of Battle, and write attachments onto the print-outs.

I have also provided links to scenarios prepared by other 'gamers, and made available on their own web sites, including several published on the official Great War Spearhead website itself (just in case you haven't seen them yet). The inclusion of those scenarios here is not intended to compromise their copyright of scenarios, but to promote their sites as additional sources of scenario material for Great War Spearhead players.

Western Front


Middle East

Eastern Front


The Wargamer's Challenge

Some really tough, unbalanced scenarios. If you can win from the position of the under-dog on these, then you have good cause to feel pretty smug about your 'gaming abilities.

I'd suggest you keep an eye on this page for more "extreme" Great War scenarios with which to 'test your metal'.