Building wargames armies for the Russian Civil War using 20mm plastic figures.

Here you will find examples of figures in 20mm suitable for the Russian Civil War and its attendant conflicts. The figures you will see here will be predominantly cavalry. Most 'gamers probably imagine the large cavalry forces that swept across vast tracts of territory before they think of the poor foot soldier.

You will find a link on the main RCW page to photos of Russian WW1 infantry suitable for the conflict.

So here they are. As you will see in the captions, these figures are mostly world war 1 figures: they do just fine.

Strelets World War 1 Kuban\Terek Cossacks. They have been based for the Great War Spearhead wargames rules. As a matter of personal preference, I like to base cavalry figures alongside foot figures, representing the mixed mounted and dismounted functions that cavalry were performing in the 20th century.
More Strelets World War 1 Kuban\Terek Cossacks. The foot figures are also Strelets: their Crimean Russian Cossack Infantry and Sailors
Strelets World War 1 Don Cossacks. These Cossacks are accompanied by some of the HaT Russian infantry. The building in the background is scratch built using card.

1919 poster, "Mount your horses, workers and peasants! The Red Cavalry is the pledge of victory."