The Russian Civil War and Polish Soviet War.

I should introduce this page by noting that there is already a fantastic web resource page on these conflicts, 'Pygmy Wars' authored by Mark Plant (see the links at the bottom of this page.) This page is NOT meant to compete with those resources (how could it!!), but rather to offer some Great War Spearhead wargames scenario possibilities from the conflict.

Mark's page is still, for me, the authoritative resource for wargamers generally, and will remain so. Hopefully readers of this page who might not have seen Mark's efforts will take the time to pay the site a visit. Your time will be well rewarded.

Building wargames armies for the Russian Civil War using 20mm plastic figures.

While I game these periods in both 20mm and 6mm, the main focus of 'The Great Adventure' has traditionally been 20mm plastic figures. Here are some links to useful web sites, and images, that might inspire 'gamers to build their own armies to refight battles of the period.

Wargames scenarios

Scenarios from the Russian Civil War, and the Soviet Polish War.

Wargames resources

Useful links.

Interesting References