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The HaT 20mm Russian Putilov field gun. The crew have been painted as foot artillery. The building in the background is scratch built using card.
A rear view of the same foot artillery battery.
The Hat 20mm Putilov field guns with the crew painted as horse artillery. These three stands represent an artillery regiment in Great War Spearhead.
More Russian horse artillery.
The regiment of horse artillery, with some Russian cavalry behind. The riders are from the Strelets figure set, while the foot figures come from the HaT Russian infantry set,.
From Irregular's 'Really Useful Guns' range, this British 6" howitzer. Guns of this size don't often appear on the GWSH table top, being more regularly 'off table'. However from the 'you can never have enough guns' stable of thought....
Also from Irregular's 'Really Useful Guns' range, the German 150 mm.
A group of ANZACs, all HaT figures - their ANZAC infantry, Australian Light Horse and ANZAC Heavy weapons. These work together to help form an ANZAC division in the Middle East.
The ANZAC Heavy weapons include a Vickers, a 3" Stokes Mortar and a Lewis gun team.
The stand second from the front includes a sniper (probably taken from a Gallipoli photo I think), and an infantryman firing a rifle grenade.
These guys will look great fighting against their historical Turkish foe in the desert.
HaT's WW1 German infantry in 1914 livery. The figures are well detailed - I even felt the urge to paint the bayonet knots.
These Hat Figures are a welcome addition to the WW1 20mm plastics range.
This rear view shows off some of the detail quite nicely.
The Emhar A7V in 20mm, posing here with a few of the Revell German World War 1 Infantry, and oh, how they love to pose. These are some of my favourite 20mm plastic figures.
My kit building skills are a little rusty from disuse, but I found Nuno Cabecados' suggestions for assembling and painting (published on the original 'The Great Adventure' web site) the A7V very useful.
The Revell figures are a nice complement to the A7V kit. They look suitably 1918 assault - like on the wargames table, and I have tried to enhance this look with a slightly greater use of dry-brushing on the figures than I would usually use. I normally tend to use a wet-brush layering technique.
British 4.5" howitzers deployed for action. The models are from the Irregular Miniatures Really Useful Guns range.
British divisional 18 pounders.These are the old Airfix models (literally 30+ years old).
Australian Light Horse, from the original pre-release set produced by HaT, painted by Nuno Cabecados
Australian Light Horse on camels, a conversion using the Australian Light Horse, and British colonial camel sets from HaT, painted by Nuno Cabecados
German Uhlans converted and painted by Nuno Cabecados. The riders are IT Miniatures made in metal, and the horses are from HaT German Mounted Infantry.