All arms counterpunch 1918


The German offensives of 1918 have run out of steam, and the allies' own offensive has begun. This fictional scenario places the two commanders in the respective roles of British commander planning a small offensive designed to capture ground from which to launch the next major offensive, with the German commander trying desperately to hold on to the gains made over recent months. Neither side has occupied their current positions long enough to create strong defensive positions, but German troops have already created several strong redoubts and small sections of light entrenchment with which to try to retain their hold on this ground.

Manpower is short, and both armies are substituting weaponry and firepower for men. Both commanders must carefully husband their manpower as they attempt to achieve their objectives.

Designer's notes

This is a fictional scenario set in late 1918. To hold any chance of success both players must optimise their coordination of all arms: manpower is too short to throw away valuable lives on badly coordinated and unsupported frontal attacks.

It is recommended that the Spearhead Advanced Rule "Morale Retreats" is used (SH Rules Page 30). On a morale roll of 3 or 4 the affected unit retreats two moves and adopts defend orders, then requiring a morale roll of 5 or 6 to receive new orders.


German forces: Hold the town sector and top hill contour on which it sits for 12 turns.
British forces: Capture the town sector and top hill contour on which it sits within 12 turns.

Orders of battle and set up


German OOB.

British forces must enter from the western board edge at the left of the map.

German forces are set up anywhere to the east (the right) of the red line marked on the map.


The grid squares on the map are 12" squares.