A hot day's work - France, August 1914


This is the second of two introductory scenarios and was designed as a progression from the scenario "Rolling with the punches". It gives 'gamers slightly larger forces, and introduces off-board artillery and the possibility of a flank march.

The tactical situation has the B.E.F. still retreating, but with a slightly more solid defensive line.

Designer's notes

The action presented here is again entirely fictional, and has been designed to allow new players to play a small game but with more rules parameters to worry about than with 'Rolling with the punches'. However again the game has some nuances that warrant replay: take care!!


B.E.F.: Hold Centreville

German: Take and hold Centreville.

Entry points

The German forces attack from the north.

The B.E.F. must start deployed south of the red line marked on the map, and begins the game with 'Defend' orders.


The grid squares on the map are 12" squares.

British OOB


  1. B.E.F. fighting battalions (but not MMGs) get the benefit of the 'mad minute'
  2. B.E.F. battalions may start the game entrenched in level 1 entrenchments. These should be placed before the player commanding the German forces draws command arrows (although troops need not be placed in them until after).

German OOB


  1. The German attack may include a flank march.

Rules learning points for this scenario

  1. Off-board artillery may be controlled by any fighting stand in the regiment.
  2. The FOO controlling the on-board artillery is represented by a separate FOO stand, and is not governed by target priorities, but the fighting stand controlling the off-board artillery is.
  3. The fighting stand calling in the off-board artillery uses the Artillery Response chart to get the support of the guns, using the 'Divisional Support' column to determine the die roll.
  4. Use the flank march table to determine the arrival of any flank marching units.
  5. Targets in light entrenchments gain the benefit of a -1 fire modifier.