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World War One was a period of momentous change: changes in tactics driven by startling changes in technology. Many of these changes were clearly signalled in the Russo-Japanese War (and even as far back as the American Civil war), yet European armies chose to ignore these portents of change. Early attempts to break the western front stalemate saw exciting strategic initiatives such as the Dardanelles landings, now seen as a monumental failing of western arms and a great victory for Turkish arms. As a result the strategic innovation represented by this campaign is often ignored, even though Sir Basil Liddell-Hart would have been proud of its strategic intent.

Many of our perceptions of the First World War have been driven by post war writings of soldiers and politicans driven by an apparent need for self justification as nations mourned their dead. However modern interpretations of the war have changed (although none can take away the tragedy of the human loss).

Here is an article written by Dr Gary Sheffield, published on the BBC History web site, that provides what I think is one of the most elegant statements of this re-interpretation of events. Click here to read the article.

Yet it is common to hear 'gamers say that they have never found any interest in re-fighting the battles of the First World War.

I discovered the Great War Spearhead rules shortly after they were published and was so inspired by the rules set and its mechanisms that I decided to wargame this period using the 20mm plastics figures I'd accumulated over the years.

I was inspired by those early Airfix WW 1 German infantry figures. My collections have accumulated since then, as all war gamers' collections do. I am trying to make this site image-rich, using photos from my own collections, and those of fellow GWSH players, hoping that the site might inspire fellow 'gamers to give this much neglected period of history a try.

My own interest in the warfare of the early 20th century ranges from the battles of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904/05 to the Russian Civil War of 1919/20 although I've concentrated my collections on the 1914-1918 period initially.

There is also an active, very helpful and positive Yahoo discussion group to support new and experienced gamers.

I hope you enjoy 'gaming with these rules as much as I do.

Robin Sutton

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